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Friday, October 3, 2008

Boyle-Martin Engagement

A year ago in November, Tammie Lyn and Greg had their third date at Ahimsa Village just in time for  AV's one year anniversary party. Last month Bob and Kelle joined Tammie Lyn, Greg, and others in York for some Bridal and Bachelor party fun. As they both have various degrees of interest and involvement with AV, we thought their introduction as a couple would be fun to include in this months newsletter.

Tammie Lyn and Greg both grew up around South Eastern Pennsylvania and currently live in Santa Cruz County. Tammie Lyn has a masters degree in occupational therapy and is currently Director of Rehabilitation at a long term care facility. Greg is a web editor with a BA in international and East Asian studies. Both try their best to make sustainability and nourishment of body, heart, and spirit a guiding force in their lives.  While in Pennsylvania, Tammie Lyn volunteered for three years on an organic farm helping to establish a CSA program, selling at farmer's markets, and participating in PASA conventions. She also holds a certificate in herbology, enjoys expressing herself artistically, has a background in martial arts, and is involved with the Dance of the Deer

Greg met Bob in college and kept in touch waxing poetic over the years, and then joined Bob and Kelle helping to make Ahimsa Village a reality. Greg participates in a book discussion group, a neighborhood road association, and other support groups. He also dabbles with painting, 
writing, and gardening. Greg has worked as a painter/carpenter, ESL teacher, cross-cultural trainer, web editor, and technical writer. Both Greg and Tammie Lyn look forward to supporting the growth of Ahimsa Village as they themselves begin a rich loving life together with a 
ceremony planned for December.

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