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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Bees and the Bear

The Half Acre Farm - Ahimsa Apiary is no more thanks to a regular visitor, a large black bear.  All eight hives were methodically destroyed over a period of a month.  Despite efforts to strap down the hives and secure the bee benches, our visitor was persistent.  Liam is committed to re-establishing the apiary in the spring.  We are currently researching solutions to this problem.  One piece of advice from a local farmer was to put up electrified barbed wire fencing and scent it with food smells to attract the bear so that he gets a good shock.  Research on the Internet suggested putting up a regular electric fence at least 6' high.  We continue doing research and will keep people posted on our progress.  We want to thank those who invested in this experimental program and hope to have better news in 2009.

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