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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday Night Meetings

Winter is a great time for meeting by the fireside.  Ahimsa has hosted 3 Friday Night Sustainability Talks this winter and they continue to be a success in terms of interest and attendance.  The November program featured Bill Torretti, a local homeopath, giving an introduction to homeopathic medicine.  Bill discussed the history and principles of homeopathy and the how it works. There was a discussion on the use of remedies and how to use homeopathic remedies for the treatment of acute illnesses such as colds, coughs and the flu. Homeopathic treatment of chronic illnesses will also be discussed. In December, Jason Grottinni, an environmental scientist at Matson & Associates and founder of EarthW.O.R.M. International, did a great talk and presentation on sustainable landscaping.  His talk focused on simple things people can do to create a "greener" landscape in their own yard.  Topics included promoting the landscape as a system to be used in conjunction with the home, rainwater collection, xeriscaping, greywater recycling, composting, and vegetative roofs as part of the garden.  our January program featured Scott DiLoreto of the Penn State School of Forestry talking about nut trees in PA. Scott talked about basic nut tree biology, reviewed nut trees suitable for cultivation in PA, wild harvesting, grafting,orchard establishment, cultivation, and sustainable management. The American chestnut blight and restoration attempts through breeding was also discussed.

We have a great programs scheduled for February.  Feb's program will feature Laura Piraino of the Sierra Club.  Laura will provide an overview of energy efficiency in Pennsylvania, including
an update of recent energy legislation, the Cool Cities Project, and community efficiency
best practices. Then learn how you can use no cost/low cost energy efficiency practices
and products to save money and make a difference in your own home.  Click here for complete details and flyer.

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arimoore said...

These meetings sound awesome! Such a great idea, mixing socializing with education like this.