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Friday, April 10, 2009

Shared Self Community

Samatman moved into the farmhouse at the end of February to begin what was supposed to be a three month trial period to determine whether or not we (Samatman, Kelle, and Bob) would go forward together in creating a shared self community.  Such a community is based on four global truths:  1) we are experiencing multi-level unhappiness and disconnection; 2) our unhappiness is caused by our illusion that we are separate from each other and the other beings of this planet, 3) we really are one shared-self that is unlimited in love and happiness, 4) shared-self community is the path to remembering and manifesting our shared-self.  We began the long process of redefining and transforming our activities and thinking within a shared-self framework.  While many valuable insights were gained, we mutually decided that Samatman wanted the transformation to go faster than we (Bob and Kelle) were willing to go, and Samatman moved back to VA at the end of March.  We plan to continue working on establishing a shared self community at Ahimsa (at a much gentler pace) and in the months ahead will share our progress.  

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