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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Updates by Dominique:)

Buenos Dias amigos y amigas!

It has been crazy, hectic, and fun around here lately.
The weather is beautiful, a soft New England summer. The netting is finally up covering the blueberries, the Straw House is coming along (looking beautiful), and the summer camp is up and growing.

The Camp, day 3:

Today was very exciting because all of us were able to take a field trip to Julian Woods in order to receive art instruction from a local healer and artist. The art class was amazing and the kids loved it. The kids all made multiple oil/watercolor paintings. We discussed the healing properties of color and the connection between art, living, eating, and healing. Somehow art is profound, silly, fun, and engaging all at once. We also took a quick trip to the local pond where we were able to play in the water and enjoy the sunlight.
Today we also began Byron Katie with the kids, which went surprisingly well! The kids were very open to new ways of dealing with emotions. We approached it through charades and play.

It is hard to explain to kids why nature is so cool and how much nature provides for us. It is much easier to show them. Today we finished making some organic herbal salve from the land and each kid got to take some home. In addition, we went berry picking and had a delicious homemade lunch. Lunch was organic vegan lentil burgers, homemade bread, pineapple carrot cake, and fresh fruit/veggies-YUM! Thanks Rosalind!!

Cave exploring, hiking, art, meditating, etc. Today was generous in it's gifts and I am thankful for every part of it.

One thing I learned, to treat poison ivy "Jewel Weed"is wonderful:)

The land is open and blooming and it is summer at Ahimsa, feel free to visit, volunteer, learn and and connect while the weather is nice.

Coming up this weekend....the School of Living Retreat! Education, mayhem, and fun!