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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Garden Starters Program by Bill Sharp

Garden Starters was organized just a few months ago as a vegetable garden project to support new food gardens and gardeners. We are working with Clearwater Conservancy, Spring Creek Watershed Association, Master Gardeners, and a growing list of other groups in and around State College.

To help groups and individuals grow their own fresh food, we plan workshops on making, planting, and maintaining gardens; and cooking and canning food. We will offer mentors, a demonstration garden, and seasonal celebrations. Materials to make gardens, tools, and plants will be provided to those in need. We will present raised-bed gardens for paved areas, the less mobile, and elderly. Involvement of children, youth and families is sought.

The benefits of gardening are many including: self-sufficiency, reduced food bills, fresh vegetables at the peak of their nutritional value, secure food, improved health, a delightful past-time, and having something delicious to share and exchange with neighbors.

We meet twice monthly at Clearwater Conservancy. All are welcome. If you would like information please contact Bill Sharp at

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