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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ahimsa Summer Camp

The 2009 camp just finished up last week. The kids really enjoyed gardening, learning wilderness survival skills, and painting, as well as checking on the chickens every day and feeding them food scraps from lunch. On our last day the kids helped prepare a celebration meal—homemade pizza and fruit smoothies--complete with table cloth and candles out on the picnic table. Thanks to Dominque Marsalek, Jean Forsberg, Barbara Anderson, Chuck Cave, Deb Fisher, Brenda Schaufler, Huston Township Parks and Recreation Authority, and especially Rosalind McIntosh for helping make this year’s camp happen. We are planning to offer a one-day maple syrup camp in February 2010 and two weekend overnight camps in next summer in addition to the summer camp. View pictures.

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OneOldGoat said...

This was such an awesome experience for my daughters. I would recommend this camp for any child!