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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Appalachian Zen House (AZH)

AZH intern Rosalind McIntosh co-leaded the summer camp with Kelle this summer. Her experience with guiding meditation and teaching nature awareness and wilderness survival skills were beneficial additions to the camp program. Currently Rosalind is residing at Ahimsa Village in the old yurt—Dominique moved out at the beginning of August to live with her boyfriend in town—and has initiated morning zazen in the new yurt three mornings per week.

Floating Lotus Zendo met throughout the summer at Ahimsa Village. With the return of the Penn State students FLZ will once again have zazen in State College on alternating Saturdays. The Speak Your Peace program also has several events for the public in the planning phase for this fall, including workshops on non-violent communication, council circle, Byron Katie’s The Work, mediation, and other tools for compassionate communication. To learn more about AZH visit their web site at

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